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Why Desert Driving Should be on Your Bucket List

Desert Driving Dubai

There is no better way to connect with the spirit of your Arab hosts than by climbing into a powerful, fossil fuel-powered vehicle and spending an afternoon smashing through sand dunes.

Luckily, there is plenty of desert and dozens of fun ways to use it, provided by dozens upon dozens of companies. Most companies offer an all-inclusive price ranging from 200 to 500 AED.

This article will give you a general idea of what to expect but, of course, you should carefully examine what each company offers. Be sure to read plenty of online reviews on independent websites.

As with any tour or activity in any country, you generally get better value if you buy directly rather than through your hotel or an agent. Almost all of the activity companies have their own websites to help you avoiding pay in the massive commissions that middlemen charge.

I would be willing to pay a top-end price if I was sure that the company genuinely provides a top-notch experience. There are a lot of opportunistic companies at the low-end who specialize in providing a “bare minimum” experience to cheap westerners and Chinese tour groups. If the lack of quality does not drive you crazy, your fellow tourists will. This is one instance in which it makes sense to pay for quality.

A Typical Day in the Desert

A typical day will start with camel rides in the morning before progressing, in the afternoon, to some variant on desert driving.

Some companies offer desert quad-biking, others offer powerful 4WD (4-wheel drive) jeeps to enable some real “Dune Bashing”. Some trendy companies might even offer a spot of sandboarding.

One of the best things about a day of organized activities is that this might be the only prolonged chance you have to interact with a local. This may allow you to discover that Arabs are warm-hearted and a lot of fun once you get past that surface reserve.

For a cultural twist, some companies include a falcon show, demonstrating the Arab tradition of hunting with these powerful birds. In a desert setting, with that massive sky above you, it can be an awe-inspiring experience.

The day is usually wrapped up with a fun desert barbeque, watching the spectacular sunset and enjoying the company of your fellow participants, all exhilarated by the day’s activities. You should return to your accommodation feeling at least a little more Arab than you did the day before.

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