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Is there a beach in Dubai?

Dubai beach overhead

For those of us flying in from colder climes, perhaps the biggest motivation is the dream of an exotic beach. In the deep of winter, as we drive to work through torrential rain, we imagine ourselves lying on white sands, soaking up the sun and gazing happily out over an azure sea.

So, one of the most common questions I hear from friends who learn I have a business here in Dubai is whether there is a beach here.

There certainly is!

In fact, there are several world-class beaches here, each suited to different tastes. Let’s slap on some sunscreen and have a quick paddle through Dubai’s best beaches.

Dubai’s best beach for families: “The Beach” by JBR

The Beach at JBR - Jumeirah Beach Residences Dubai

This stretch of beach, close to the promenade at Jumeirah Beach Residences, provides all the beach activities you can imagine, making it a good spot for families. Even the most A.D.D. kids will be entertained for hours by watersports, camel rides, banana boats. They can even swim out to world’s best inflatable waterpark, the Dubai Aqua Park.

There is 5,000 AED fine for drowning a camel.

Dubai’s best beach for selfies: Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach Umm Suqeim Dubai

Sunset beach, or Umm Suqeim Beach, is certainly stunning, providing those iconic views you have seen in endless photos, with the distinctive Burj Al Arab standing proudly in the background. I like to come here sometimes in middle of a busy workday, take off my shoes and socks, roll up my trouser and have a little paddle. As I stand there, with my toes in the sand and the warm water swirling about my ankles, I like to soak in the view and remind myself how lucky I am to live in this part of the world.

Sunset Beach is free but busy. There will be plenty of other people, both locals and tourists, paddling right next to you. Finding a parking space can be tricky, you may need to pay for that. As you may have guessed from its name, people particularly enjoy watching the Burj Al Arab become a dramatic silhouette against a glorious background as the sun sets.

Ironically, the morning is probably the best time to visit Sunset Beach because it is far less crowded. The waves are good here, so, half the beach is reserved for surfers. There are no shower or toilet facilities but, of course, you are close to the city, so, you can rush to a McDonalds.

As one of the easiest beaches to get to, you should make Sunset Beach one of your first stops in Dubai. At the very least you will get a good selfie.

Dubai’s best beach for a peeping toms: Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai

There is an entry fee for each adult and child above 2 years who enters Al Mamzar Beach Park but it is not too much, AED 5 which is about $1.40 or €1.20. This facility is run by the city authorities and they provide far more than just access to a beach.

There are playgrounds, three pools, lagoons, barbecue areas, sports facilities, and a sheltered beach. The waves are far less dramatic here than Jumeirah beach, but that does have the benefit of making it easier for inexperienced swimmers.

It is not usual to see tourists at Al Mamzar Beach Park but it is popular with the locals. Some female visitors have expressed annoyance at the number of South Asian migrant workers who sit on the beach fully-clothed, gawping at Western females in their swimwear but, apart from that, it is a reasonably nice beach with good facilities. And an audience.

Dubai’s best beach for sporty folks: Kite Beach

Kite Beach Dubai

Visitors who have brought a Go Pro action camera to Dubai will want to head straight to Kite Beach, or Umm Suqeim, near the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, where they can energetically kayak, kite surf, or, even, go wakeboarding. This could be your YouTube moment!

If you prefer to remain on dry land, you can play volleyball, enjoy the skatepark, trampoline, or enjoy the views as you jog along the 14 kilometer running track.

Be sure to bring a towel and plenty of testosterone.

Dubai’s Frenchest beach: La Mer

La Mer Beach Dubai

The newest Dubai beach, La Mer, offers some of the best cafes, restaurants and chic boutiques, creating a Mediterranean feel. You will find plenty of activities, spread between the South Beach and the less busy North Beach.

The Laguna Water Park adds a theme park vibe to the area. For many people, this holiday atmosphere makes La Mer their favorite Dubai beach.

Dubai’s most natural beach: Black Palace Beach

Black Palace Beach Dubai

Named after a nearby royal residence, Black Palace Beach is a bit of a drive from the city, and the famous landmarks such as Burj Al Arab will be further in the distance in your photos, but a visit here is totally worth it. This is far quieter than the central beaches, and you won’t find any facilities, but what you get in return is a gloriously untouched shoreline and clearer waters. Bliss.

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