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Is There a Red Light Area in Dubai?

Is there a red light area in Dubai?

Despite strict Islamic laws against kissing or holding hands in Dubai, unofficially the city is one of the world’s main centers for prostitution.

To maintain the illusion of morality, however, most prostitution is not street prostitution. There are, however, some notorious areas. This article explains how those areas operate and suggests safer alternatives.

The vast majority of Dubai prostitution, at all price levels, happens in bars, clubs, and hotels. Almost every woman in some high-end bars are “on the game” and, despite it being illegal, the owners encourage it because they know this is what attracts their high-spending customers.

In the same way that hotels in Dubai cater to every price point, prostitution is available at every level. From high-class European and Russian escorts in the posh hotel bars charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars, to Filipina shopgirls targeting less wealthy guys in the sports bars and clubs, to Chinese women patrolling the lobbies of 3-star hotels, and all the way down to the Bangladeshi and Indonesian maids operating in car parks late at the weekends, mostly selling themselves to male migrant workers from similarly poor countries. Prostitution is ubiquitous in Dubai.

Where to Find Street Hookers in Dubai

Most street prostitutes gather close to the hotels favored by foreign visitors, so, you will many congregating in areas such as Jumeriah. If you are male, they will try to engage you in conversation as you stroll by. They can almost always speak some English, but probably not as well as the girls operating in the bars.

Others street prostitutes target cars, pooling in discreet areas where cars can easily pull up to the curb. Once a price agreeable to both is negotiated, the prostitute hops into the car and off they go.

Street Prostitution Dangers

As we mention in the article Can I be Gay in Dubai? doing something that is illegal makes you vulnerable to scammers because, of course, you cannot report it to the police without getting thrown into jail yourself.

Every day, all over the world, horny chaps end up getting mugged or drugged by a stranger they invited into their car or hotel room. You can wake up with a splitting headache, all your valuables gone and, sometimes, missing a kidney. When this happens in most countries, you can report it to the police and there is some hope that, eventually, the delightful young lady will be apprehended. In Dubai, forget about it. These scammers can keep operating forever because no-one will ever report it.

How to Make a Girl Scream

A more common scam is that, once in your hotel bed, the lucky lady, who seemed so enthusiastic about you right up until a few minutes ago, will unaccountably start screaming. It will soon become clear that she intends to keep screaming until the hotel staff come running in, at which point she will claim that you tried to rape her, OR until you hand her a large amount of money. The going rate appears to be twice whatever it was you agreed to pay.

I am not suggesting that you will definitely get scammed. What will probably happen is that you will have a short, unsatisfactory bonk with a woman who doesn’t smell so great once you get up close. At a key moment, she will try to charge you extra money, you will say no, but your romantic moment will be left in tatters. Three days later, you will start to notice a persistent itch.

Bars, even the cheaper sports bars, are generally a safer bet because you have at least the reassurance that the bar would not be willing to host a prostitute if she had a reputation for being an outright scammer. You also have the opportunity to chat before committing to anything, which gives you the chance to notice if she seems a bit nutty or scratches herself a lot. The fact that she is probably on the bar’s CCTV also increases the chance that you will wake up with your kidneys still in your body.

Fun at the Bottom of the Barrel

The other form of street prostitution, by women from very poor countries servicing migrant workers from similar countries, should be avoided altogether. They will not have much English and will have crazy ideas about what you, as a rich foreigner, can afford to pay.

If you do manage to negotiate a deal, you are at high risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. You are at risk of this from any sex worker, in any country, but those at the bottom of the barrel in Dubai, and their regular migrant customers, come from parts of the world where such infections are endemic and good medical care is rare.

You will also be entering a situation in which you are surrounded by men from those countries, very few of whom will speak English either, and many of whom would consider it fair game to mug a rich infidel. Again, they know that you cannot go to the police.

On the whole, I would advise avoiding any situation in which you pay money to get your dick wet. If you absolutely have to, please play it safe, try not to be too drunk when getting yourself into potentially risky situations, and consider just waiting until you are in a country where this sort of thing is safer. On the other hand, this Dubai could be the best chance you will have to shag an Iranian.

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